Tuesday, August 31, 2010

pieku || How Did We Get from Saying I Love You... || Baritone Ukulele Cover

frannydeschanel || Not There || Original with Baritone Ukulele

rockettedog || Glitter In The Air || Pink || Baritone Ukulele Cover

Cheryl has a beautiful voice discovered with a Baritone Ukulele. That Pono Bari sounds great next to her sweet voice and skillful strumming.

Cheryl responded to my YT-mail, and said... "Yup, I'm a baritone ukulele player. I love it and it's changed my life for the better in many many ways. I'm glad you liked the videos. I really love making them, even the ones that aren't perfect..."

Well as Shrek says to Donkey, "It'll do." Perfection is a tough master -- Sweet and steady is real blessing. Thanks Cheryl. Jeff / HU / HB.

Glitter in the Air (Chords & Lyrics) <== CLICK HERE

BARITONE UKULELE (This is the Place)

It seems to me that I never come up very predominantly in any on-line searches so this post is an attempt to lure other Baritone Ukulele players to my Baritone Ukulele Friendly Blog. Do not adjust your monitor. This blog will resume normal Baritone Ukulele postings after this attempt to attract on-line search engines.

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Lew Dite || Baritone Ukulele || Vintage Folk Songster

The fun part of doing a blog on a specific instrument is that you get to see a broad range of genres performed using the same basic tool. Lew Dite archives the songs his elders taught him to love and shares them with future generations. Sometimes he calls it "porch music" which a remnant of the pre-radio days which seem centuries away.

Monday, August 30, 2010

dalys09 || Nobody Knows Me At All (Weepies Cover on a Baritone Ukulele)

Introducing Dylan L. a 16 year old young lady from Toronto, Canada. She plays a selections of covers and originals on the baritone ukulele. She's talented and has several more videos. I am not quite sure why she videos herself thru the mirror but her tripod acts as her music stand. I enjoy finding young players that a blossoming into such good musicians. In the first video, which she claims she's going to take down, I see images of many musicians at home playing and singing the songs that are so meaningful to them.

I am also posting this because my ex-Uklectic band buddy Robbie sang a Weepies song at the last Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz open mic night. She says we should listen to more Weepies music.

Bueno Chen || Dancing Fingers on the Baritone Ukulele

Bueno's skills on the Baritone Ukulele are quite fun to watch. Bueno choses a wide variety of songs to cover and puts just a little Hawaiian Style playing into each song. On his YouTube channel he writes...

I started playing the ukulele off and on since I was a kid. Then went to the guitar for many years. I later came back to the tenor ukulele. But now, prefer the baritone ukulele the most. I am currently an ukulele instructor at the University of Hawaii, teaching beginner level classes (standard style ukulele). I will post songs using mostly the baritone ukulele.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

shanifawni || One Magic Trick

Here I've come across another talented singer and Baritone Ukulele player that I've never seen on YouTube before. The searches always seem to bring up the same videos over and over. She's got a really good sound and mixes in other instruments to get more flavor. Also, she has several more songs on her YT channel...

Berean || Stronger Than

Each home seems to have that special accoustic spot. Seems Berean has found it for this song. Terrific vocals and accoustics.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Glen Rose || Jazz Blues for Ukulele

These are my friends, Glen Rose & Kim Jorgensen. I see that Kim's Sir Reginald Farnsworth persona continues. I just attended another of Glen Rose's workshops for Jazz Blues on the Ukulele at the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz. Glen has a wealth of talent and ability to simply and creatively share musical concepts in a way that one can quickly put into practice. His jazz chord methods are accessible to the beginning as well as intermediate player. If Glen's in your area be sure to check out his class.

Note to Bari Players... Glen Rose plays a GCEA tuned Bari with Low G since most uke groups he teaches are playing GCEA and the can then match his fingerings more easily.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

unckc (Cho) || The Yoke of Love || Korea

Cho, Happy Bear, has a new video where he sings (in Korean)and plays Bari without a musical backing track. I wish more players videoed themselves from this angle because it is so much easier to see. I really like this one Cho.


Friday, August 20, 2010

JenerallyxSpeaking || Hey Ya (Outkast Cover)

Oh, teenage girls and silliness go together but I like this Bari version of Hey Ya.

Seth Lakeman || The White Hare

Okay, I'm cheating a little here. It's a 4 string Tenor Guitar. But it's an animation so let's take a little liberty and say its a baritone.

"This animation was created by Matthew Simkins for Mr Lakeman's song, "The White Hare". It is very beautifully done. I've added subtitles. Mind you, the quality has degraded over the transfering of the file several times."

Haunt You - Nice Performance (Video is very clear.)


bosshog6 || Harvey Black || Soothing Finger Rolls



Iwao || Long Baritone talk in Japanese followed by a Tutorial for HILO SHOWER

Song starts @ 2:33 mark. Thanks Iwao. (Does anyone know if tab is available for this lovely instrumental?)

King of all Ukulele Groups is...

...The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britian.

This backstage warm-up was recorded on September 30, 2009 backstage at the Tollhaus in Karlsruhe, Germany. Kitty Lux is singing, Richie Williams is playing his usual Bushman baritone ukulele, George Hinchcliffe is playing floydbluethereal's flat special model Brüko soprano. (Unfortunately we can't see the Baritone playing very clearly at this angle.)

mcook065 || Fingerstyle Ukulele Classics



Wednesday, August 18, 2010

ErinBev || The Second Star to the Right (Peter Pan)

Very sweet Erin,

ukulelelarry || Larry D || I'll Follow the Sun (Cover)

Glad to see another quality Bari video from Larry D. What awesome vocals from Larry, and from his Bari Koa Kamaka. I hope to here more from him.

Here's a Jo Stafford classic "You Below to Me." What a great choice.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Julie Vaughn & Friends || September in the Rain

Julie Vaughn is a Baritone ukulele player as well as a pretty awesome Jazz Vocalist. Here she sings sans Bari at a Garden Party Jam at The Secret Garden (www.datstheone.com) with Keyboards-Tony Davis, Guitar-Mark Richard, Bass-Mark Williams, Drums-Jonathan Lazarus.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Brenna MacCrimmon || Corktown Ukulele Jam

Often videos do not give any indication of baritone ukulele or not. This is a fantastic performance and has a GCEA sound to me. I think you'll enjoy the beautiful Turkish singing and ukulele playing in either case.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bajan Pied Piper GOOGLE SITE

The web is the place for ideas, creativity and nuttiness. I have had the good fortune to come across a man from Barbados that enjoys sharing his knowledge and practical experiences in his lifelong journey as a musician. I have called him, Uncle Groovy, much like the Hawaiian's do to revere their elders. This site below has a lifetime of musical wisdom. Read and digest what you can and them come back for more later if it suits you.

Friday, August 13, 2010

SHOCKWAVE - Empire State of Mind (Joe's Pub)

Here's a video of a vocal sound effects man that morph's into a trio of Beat Box, Jon Braman on Baritone Ukulele, and Arthur Lewis on piano. Jon's sporting a newer trimmer hairstyle.

Jon starts at 4:08

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Steve Vandeller || Just isn't happy... (Original Song)

I'm happy because there's another Bari player discovered and an original song. Steven is a multi-instrumentalist and just has the one Bari video but I noticed he has written several original songs for his band Dry Bones.

QUATTRO BLUES (A Bari Brother)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Beat-up Bari || Drive My Car (Beatles Cover)

amazing how good hands can make a beat-up, broken-up bari sound good.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Aël || French Performance Artist

My French skills are minimal, and for the time being I am going to use my imagination and give Google Translator a rest. I will playfully suggest that Aël is a French Performance Artist and this is his rendition of why the Hawaiians may have called the ukulele a "jumping flea." He is playing a Baritone Cigar Box Ukulele. [Pierre (UkeAttitude), if you have anything to share let me know.]

[Aël est accompagné à la Batterie par Loïc Schild. Enregistré par Maître Olivier Cussac (dit « les oreilles d or ») au studio Condorcet Toulouse en mai 2010.]

[(à regarder en HD 1080p en bas à droite de l écran) Enregistrement en condition live (one shot). Aël est accompagné à la Batterie par Loïc Schild. Enregistré par Maître Olivier Cussac (dit « les oreilles d or ») au studio Condorcet Toulouse en mai 2010.

Cette chanson est un assemblage de mots fort anciens que j'ai pioché dans divers dictionnaires des siècles passés. le tout pour raconter une jolie histoire d'amour qu'il ne me serait pas possible de traduire en français moderne sans beaucoup rougir.

Ma guitare plectrum cigar box est une Daddy Mojo

http://www.daddy-mojo.com/ ]

Note: Plectrum guitars are not-uncommonly tuned DGBE but I am not sure of Aël's tuning. He has Baritone in his tags though. I have posted this before but want to also show Aël playing a standard Bari.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Michael Parmenter Custom Baritone

It is a beautiful day in the Bari neighborhood. I see that a good e-friend of mine Michael Parmenter in Canada has completed his luthiery work on some Baritone ukuleles. I don't exactly remember how Michael and I got in touch except for the obvious ukulele connection. I think I have admired his home luthiery and great photo archives for the last two years.
Each morning I check out the blog stats and see what has caught the most curiousity and what links may have led to either Humble Uker or Humble Baritonics. To my surprise some links lead back to my friend Michael. I have admired his luthiery and especially some of his ukes which I think have a strickingly handsome medieval look. (I sent an e-mail to the Ohana Rep., Ken Middleton, suggesting that he gets Ohana to check out these medieval uke designs, but alas no reply -- yet.)
Michael also writes the ocassional classical tablature and posts it on his Classical Tabs blog. http://ukeclassicaltabs.blogspot.com/ He uses TABLEDIT which is quite a cool program to write music on. I have also bought the musical-tool-program and have found it quite easy to use but full of many "bells-and-whistles" that allow amazing flexibility and notational abilities. TABLEDIT is set up to work with a plethura of instruments, perhaps 50 or more. Check out some of Michaels arrangements they are also in PDF format for easy use.
[I was dinking around looking for tabs and found a banjo/violin site that had tabs for several songs. The theme from the Beverly Hillbillies caught my attention. The arrangement was on TABLEDIT for 5 string banjo. But I was able to upload it and change the tablature to Ukulele in about 3 minutes. Note: TABLEDIT is commonly read TAB EDIT.]
Be sure to check out more of Michael's uke luthier and music stories on his blog here... http://canuke.blogspot.com/
p.s. It's quite a beautiful Bari Michael!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vintage Baritone || Jason Robards in "A Thousand Clowns"

Janeczka || Bourbon Girl (French Poetess)

Janeczka is a poet, nut, and musician. She has many videos with her poetry, a harp, cats and a baritone uke as you see here. I am not sure where she's from. She leaves that a bit of a mystery.

Her Gelem blooper reel (not included) shows all of the insanity that goes into creating a piece of performance art. I ocassionally like to watch blooper reels because I can see that frustration with attempting perfection attacks us all.

Christopher Campbell || Sky Bridges of Minneapolis

Minneapolis, Minnesota... with a Baritone backing track.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Christy Lynn || Season Suite - Summer

This is Christy Lynn's first video and she sings a beautiful John Denver tune while rolling the chords. Such a sweet and nourishing sound. I hope that she has more music to share.


Freshly added 8-9-2010, Gravity:

Jack aka Guitmartiman|| 6-String Baritone Ukulele

Uke Baritone Gospel

Jesper r810s || Fingerpicking Baritone

Jesper wrote...

"I got this baritone ukulele yesterday. Never tried it before, but it was love at first sight. Please bare over with me for minor errors here and there."
Sounds like he's been playing it for 20 years to me! It's all a matter of perspective. Jesper is in Denmark and likes old-time folk songs and tunes. His YT page is http://www.youtube.com/user/r810s

"The inmates of cell block B playing Monkey on a Dog Cart. Naw just kidding. This is from the second reunion of the Danish oldtime band Big Hungry Joe, since we broke up in March last year. We haven't tried this tune before. It's inspired by the great band Boiled Buzzards who also use a harmonica instead of a fiddle as the lead instrument. It is Lasse Høi on harmonica, Mathias Enevoldsen on bass, Tobias Enevoldsen on banjo and moi, Jesper Deleuran on guitar. And it's no April fool's joke."

Sunday, August 1, 2010

MugambisMonkey || Is there a Song? (YT Cover)

Here's a song that Dirk is honoring by performing a cover of another YouTuber named Michelle. He has tweaked it but what a good song and story. What a joy to be an amatuer an create someting new and to see it blossom so beautifully. Great fingerpicking performance Dirk aka MugambisMonkey.

Dirk is also in the Baritone Players list in the sidebar as MugambisMonkey.

Melissa Walshe || 5-1/2 Reasons to Play the Ukulele (Bari Humor)

Doug Gates || Sailing Down the Chesapeake Bay

I am glad to see that Doug Gates has created his own YT channel and posted (4) more videos of his gems. I hope that he continues to post many more. http://www.youtube.com/user/dougates

Doug is in the Baritone Players list in the sidebar.