Monday, May 31, 2010

Hey, I'm Stealing Images from HumbleUker

Yes, I have the original of this great Arthur Godfrey performance.
Here he's plating a beautiful Martin Baritone.
I also have the movie Glass Bottom Boat
from the 60's, Doris Day is the headliner
but in the middle of the movie they sing 2 songs
while Arthur plays the Baritone Ukulele.

Tutorial from bluffho || Vincent || Don McLean

This video is a bit overkill with the chords each step of the way. But I would like to show a broad range of music and performers so use it as you wish. Just get yourself a chord chart or look at the sidebar and click on the chords there, see UKULELE HUNT Baritone Chords

Doogey 9 Loves His Baritone (Winin' Boy)

Todd a.k.a. Brother Sonny has been one of my favorites for a long time. And he's a proponent of the Bari too. He just posted this song on his blog. He's a got a real folkster style with a great voice. See his blog here...
I really like the way you can see his left hand so closely. He adds a bit of WALKING BASS to a D7 chord. As usual Todd has a given a fresh bluesy-folksy sound to an old tune.

Here's a link to some more of Todd's songs on Baritone

Glen Rose JAZZYUKE lessons Low G set-up on GCEA Baritone (Works for Low D DGBE too!)

Glen Rose just had a large class at Mike DaSilva's Ukulele Studio in Berkeley, CA and there was a call for a second class coming up real soon. The class will be on June 13, 2010 at _pm (Mike has not posted this on his site yet -- so please double check). Glen does his classes using a baritone ukulele tuned low G to appease the many standard size ukuleles at the clubs. He plays it because he likes the increased richness of tone for his Jazz Chord Patterns. This works well for the Low D Bari player.


Hate To Get Up In The Morning

As Time Goes By (chord melody)

Let’s Have Another Cup Of Coffee

You Irritate Me So (and misc. clips)

Misty (chord melody)

You Do Something to Me ukulele (Glen and Linda)

Girl From Ipnema Chord melody in Bb


Jazzy Ululele lesson 1 Major Patterns (lesson)

Jazzy Ululele lesson 2 Minor Patterns (lesson)

As Time Goes By (lesson)

Autumn Leaves Ukulele (lesson for book)

Bossa Nova rhythms (strumming lesson, part 1)

Corcovado (lesson)

Days of Wine and Roses (chord lesson)

Girl From Ipanema

washedupsk8 || Hickory Wind || Gram Parsons

Shadow Pick-up / Slide Baritone / Sounds really good.

Check out his YT channel for (3) more baritone ukulele songs

yinstylebagua2007 || Be My Escape (Original) || Nova Scotia, Canada

Here's another original

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ukucafe || L'ukulélé Baryton || Final Fantasy Theme

YT Comments:

Ma première video où je joue de l'ukulélé baryton!!!!
Il s'agit d'un thème du jeu Final Fantasy VIII, que je joue à partir de la tablature du recueil "Final Fantasy guitar solo collection" à laquelle je n'ai pas eu à changer beaucoup de chose.

Many thanks to the Ukulele Underground Staff!!!!


YoppyKyabetsu || I Love this Baritone Bass Line

baritone played and then dropped an octave in audacity...


I love this comment YK made when someone said they'd like to hear him perform. It give me some hope...

"I am not sure I would wish that one anyone. There are a lot of bad takes behind every song I play. Lucky for me, there isn't an audience with rotten tomatos and strong throwing arms."

MisterD699 || Baby's Back All Dressed All in Black

Spoken142 || Redemption Song || Baritone Ukulele

Tonight, I was woken from a sound sleep at exactly midnight -- a sharp jolting California earthquake on a muggy warm night. I saw several YT video links from my friend Ron Hale. Ron thouroughly loves music and is the inspiration for about 75% of the videos I post. Sometimes I don't post the videos I get but find some other goodies on the sidebar. Here is some solid baritone ukulele play and great singing. Spoken142 does Covers and Originals -- be sure to listen to Gravity




Wednesday, May 26, 2010

SecretAgentDan78 || Classic Lite Baritone Fingerpicking

Chris Perkins || English Luthier

This is a custom TENOR ukulele playing his version of a study by Francisco Tarrega before it goes to its new owner Vanya. I put this video here for the skillful classical arrangement as well as the great background of instruments on the wall.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Terrence Ros Nagle || Here, There and Everywhere

Rhan Wilson || Chrstmas in Minor Keys

From "Rhan Wilson presents - "'An Altared Christmas - LIVE", the cast performs the opening number, "O Christmas Tree" in the traditional minor key.
Onstage: Rhan Wilson - Baritone Ukulele and vocals,
David Wallis - Vocals & tree presentation,
Bob Burnett - Guitar,
Kyle Gorath - Bass,
Patti Maxine - Steel.

Jeff Solomon || Standing Water

Sweet Afton || The Experience is the Thing

Song Fu Challenge with a Baritone. This playful video uses an exercise as a device to break thru and create. My instructor Rhan Wilson in Santa Cruz had us Uke U Students nearly screaming to get over our singing inhibitions: to get over our fears of singing in front of others -- which is not the easiest for us shower singers.
Another obstacle is the desire to be perfect. We want to be smooth and polished. Sometimes we need to perform with all of our warts! This Song Fu seems to break thru this barrier. Another technique I've seen is UkiSocietie's 5 second songs (usually longer) that lets small sparks of brilliance shine out and perhaps the small sparks will add up.

Thank you SweetAfton for the lesson...

Here's another Sweet Afton creation...


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Crooked Still || Florence

Bueno Chen || Layla

The HulaHoneys || Life Just Got Sweeter

These ladies, and gentleman have a real smooth Island Sound. They have some teaser tutorials at the end of the video for Baritone and then a companion riff for standard tuning.


INCLUDES LESSON from the CD "Life Just Got Sweeter".

copied from YT sidebar...

"One day Robyn and Ginger wanted to write a song together. Ginger came up with a little starter ditty and then Robyn came to the door on a day that was pouring rain. Unsure how to begin ee got into a heated discussion about which was more important, Food or Love, finally deciding to incorporate the two; and thus came into being the song "Life Just Got Sweeter". It is meant to feeed the soul, Honey Boy is a local endearment and we mean it in the best, most delicious sense. Life Is Sweet! -- Love, Ginger and Robyn"

Glen Rose || Misty & Bossa Nova Rhythms

Glen Rose has a lot of great Jazz information to share. He plays low G on a GCEA tuned baritone. It works the same for DGBE but in a different key. One of my favorite songs is "The Girl from Ipanema" and he works on this song for the Bossa Nova rhythms. He has so many insights. Listen to his comments on the prevention of tendonitis.

Howobscene ||

Non-Bari || Frailing, Clawhammer Instruction

Fabricari || All These Things (Original)

Fabricari comments.... "Came up with this bit last night around the camp-fire. Trying out frailing on the baritone ukulele and mixing in slides, phantom hammer-ons, and drop-thumbs. A fun little gimmick." HU sez, "Check it out."

jO6pac Picks on the BARITONE

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Marvin Falcon || Rhapsody in Blue

Deep Purple Baritone

Berean || Original + Piano Man

The Night Owls || Taunton Ukulele

Ukulele Sonnyboy || Summerbreeze (Original)

Here's Uke Sun's YT video's from Switzerland,

Ukulele Baritone Chevalier présentation

Mugambisuke || Paperweight

Craig Chesler Bari Quickie || Baritone Ukuele

Nava Guitars -- A Guitarists Perspective on the Baritone

Two custom made African Blackwood and sinker redwood instruments: classical guitar and baritone ukulele. These were commissioned from Gary Nava by Matt Bellamy and Morgan Nicholls of the band Muse.

Julie Vaughn || Original Song + Lyrics

Very professional, take a listen...

Well I know I said Id be your wife but I should probly tell you bout a new love in my life. Not another lover no its nothing like that and its not a little bunny or a kitty cat its just my little ukulele that I hold so dear he puts a sweet little tune in my ear

Little ukulele doesnt scream or shout
Little ukulele doesnt stomp or pout
Little ukulele dont leave socks on the floor
ukulele doesnt hog the blankets or snore
Thats why I love my ukulele just a little more than I love you

I really love my ukulele I just gotta play him daily
I love my little ukulele cuz he never makes me sad or blue
I love my little ukulele I love my little ukulele
I love my little ukulele just a little more than I love you

little ukulele never lectures me if I forget to turn the lights out or turn off the TV he always makes me happy even when we play the blues and if I gotta make a choice its the little uke I choose I never wanna let my ukulele go because you know that I love him so

Little ukulele doesnt smoke in the house
Unless you pluck his strings hes as quiet as a mouse
ukulele doesnt need to tell me all about his day
To make my ukulele happy all I gotta do is play
thats why I love my ukulele just a little more than I love you

Oh yes I love my ukulele gotta play him daily
I love my little ukulele cuz he never makes me sad or blue
oh yes I love my ukulele I love my little ukulele
I love my little ukulele just a little more than I love you

Little ukulele puts a smile on my face and I barely even notice the lack of any bass
Ukulele never steals my coffee cup and ukulele never leaves the toilet seat up
my little ukulele just sounds so sweet ukulele makes my life complete

Oh yes I love my ukulele I just gotta play him daily
I love my little ukulele cuz he never makes me sad or blue Oh I love my ukulele I love my little ukulele
I love my little ukulele just a little more than I love you

TMSampson || Beatles

"Passing Sorrow" from Final Fantasy 9

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Scott Clark || Soft Charisma

I wasn't so sure I was gong to like these videos, but Scott's strumming and good vocals quickly drew me in.

Scott & "Barry"

Soft Charisma, love the vocals here!

I am not sure this is the arrangement Scott used, but here you go...

El Quatro... (Got distracted, but amazing)

Kultura Borikua & Prodigio Claudio "Medley Puerto Rico"

Surfsussman || Dragon Force (Country Version)

Chords for Dragonforce (from YT write-up)

Verse: Em - C - D7 - Em
Post-Verse: Am - Em - Am - D7
Pre-Chorus: G - D - C
"Far Beyond/Day After Day": Em - C - Em - C / Am - D7

"So Far Away" - Chorus: C - Em - Am - D7

The rest of it is pretty much that repeated except for:

"Now here we stand with their blood": Em - C - D7 - G - F#/G

For the "Freedom of every man" part, play the first three chords listed before, but instead of going to G, go to E7 on "man."

Greg Hawkes -- Eleanor Rigby, Moving in Stereo

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Lew Dite on Baritone Ukulele || Pay Me My Money Down

Lil' Rev and Brian Hefferman || How Long

Here the Lil' Rev plays a Tony Graziano Baritone Ukulele. Tony is a Santa Cruz Luthier and member of the Ukulele Club of Santa Cruz. That starburst Baritone is a beauty.

The audio and video quality of this video is rough but Lil' Rev is playing an old 1950's Harmony Baritone Ukulele. I just got one of these from the local fleamarket with an old herringbone style case. Lil' Rev is a favorite of mine because he's a storyteller, he sings & plays old-time songs, and has so many musical strumming and picking variations that he always keeps fully entertained. Oh yeah, the Bari and Case was a steel at $65. These Harmony's had a bowed back and are quite light.

Cinderella Lifestyle - Harmony Baritone Slide Medley

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Khabu || DaSilva Baritone Ukulele || Jazz

Chuck Braman Jazz Trio featuring Khabu Doug Young, Matt Clohesy (2)

And more Khabu from Jason Tagg's Ukulele Disco...

Uncle Groovy || Bajan Pied Piper || Baritone Ukulele

Michelle Blades || Baritone

Michelle is one of the most creative players that I have come across.

Amy Bleu || Bacon on a Baritone Ukulele

Amy Bleu performed this song at the Alberta Street Pub, in Portland, Oregon, on 2/21/10. This was a Benefit for the Portland Women's Crisis Line

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Building a Beautiful Baritone Ukulele (Manuel Delgado)

AllardTom || I Wish You Love

Very nicely played on a beautiful Martin Baritone...

Krista Muir || Montreal Canada

Krista has a beautiful Baritone, nice sound, and a very clean house...