Friday, January 29, 2010

Nipper the Baritone Uker Profile

I was watching a ukulele duet and noticed Nipper was playing the same fingerings as the soprano ukulele player. So I wonder, Nipper must be playing GCEA tuning on his Bari?
RE: this video

Sunday, January 24, 2010

John Kavanagh || Baritone

John Kavanagh
Although Ukulele Disco seems to have ended it's run of great cutting edge ukulele interviews & videos. I used to enjoy listening to Jason Tegg's half-hour interviews. There are many interviews still on-line to enjoy at Here's one of John Kavanagh with playing a Baritone. I know John passed last year but his energetic spirit remains here...

Alyssa Marie || Classical Gas

Dominator has posted partial tabs for an arrangement of this song. It would be his interpretation and is written for a LOW G standard GCEA tuned ukulele. You could try his arrangement on a bari-uke but you would be in LOW D unless you choose to use a capo.

Cinderella Lifestyle || Hey, Hey Boyfriend

Baritone, Beefed-Up Strings, Pick-up (found on, thanks Al)

Born Again Jeeper Imagine & Video Collage of the Mississippi & Ozarks

Michael Locey || William King Baritone

King Baritone uke (Chantus) , by William King

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Brother Sunny | Baritone Ukulele

Brother Sonny aka Todd has such inspirational videos from both a ukulele standpoint and a soul standpoint. This song comes from within and it is pleasure to listen too.

I have a Baritone Ukulele and it gets a bit of use. I am trying to keep up this blog along with my HumbleUker blog because I feel that the Bari Uke has a richness of tone that can stand alone or be a great addition to a group of traditional re-entrant ukuleles. Todd is a great embassador for the Baritone sound.

Lately I have been using my Bari to practice the magic notes, improvisations, pentatonic scales, and much more from the Bajan Pied Pipers lessons of wisdom. I have an organized compilation of BPP videos in the THEORY part of the Humble Uker Blog.
If you have any links to more Baritone music or TAB that you think go well in this Humble Baritonics blog, please let me know.

Alyssa Marie || End of the World - Skeeter Davis

Just When I Needed You Most

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

SoggyCherios || He Woke Me Up Again (Cover)

(found on Uketoob, thanks Donnie B.)

Ukulele Improvisation Instruction on Humble Uker

I have compiled the Bajan Pied Piper's musicality videos in one blog post. And have set it as a quicklink in the THEORY section...

He does his instructions on a Baritone Ukulele. HU

Bueno Chen || Doctor My Eyes, Europa, Holiday

Bueno has several more Baritone videos on his You Tube page

Uke-Tip Sweet Child of Mine